Charlotte’s central location invites you to take trips to the surrounding areas. It takes about three hours by car to the mountains in the west (Blue Ridge Mountains and Great Smoky Mountains). These are excellent for hiking, white water rafting or log cabin retreat weekends with the group. In the fall, it is recommended to visit the mountains for the beautiful colors of the leaves during the Indian summer.

When traveling to the east from Charlotte, it takes approx. three hours to reach the Atlantic coast. Here you can find many secluded as well as crowded beaches. Also well worth a trip are the historical coastal cities like Charleston, Savannah or Wilmington.

To the south you find the areas of the original Southern States with their interesting flair of plantations, swamps, historical houses with their typical front porches and “Fackeln im Sturm”-flair (torches in the storm).

Please find below some distances by car to locations further away:

Washington DC

6 hours (480 miles)

New Orleans

12 hours

New York

12 hours (680 miles)


12 hours (730 miles)


4 hours (240 miles)

You can find good places for nightly activities all over the city. Favorite places to relax are coffee shops like Starbucks. Here it is possible to either chat casually with friends or read and study in a relaxed atmosphere.

Also, you will find plenty of opportunities for sport activities. Every apartment complex has its own facilities (fitness room and swimming pool are standard equipment for every apartment complex). In addition, many feature tennis- and basket ball courts, which may be used by residents free of charge. Public parks also offer many opportunities – free of charge - for running, rollerblades, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, or soccer.

If you prefer a fitness studio, you may want to join the YMCA, where you can do any kind of sport or fitness activities with professional equipment.