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Graduate classes and seminars meet evenings, which allows students to take care of their internship opportunities during the day.
The University’s graduate program focuses on serving working adults with innovative instruction, including on-line learning, so they may develop skills in decision-making and leadership consistent with the common good.
Classes are offered Monday through Thursday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. There are no classes offered on Fridays. Between terms, there are breaks of several days for all students.


Our students are adult learners. To us, the graduate education of the adult learner is not an afterthought; it is our primary mission. Our students represent a diverse spectrum of fields including but not limited to business, engineering, scientific, technical, governmental, health care, entertainment, and hospitality. Their organizations include both for profit and not for profit, in firms ranging from the home based business to small to multinational to international corporations. In like fashion, our faculty is an equally diverse and talented group of professionals trained both as academics and as practitioners.


In general the workload is higher than in Germany. Students have to read a lot during the semester. They need to go into class prepared by reading the chapters of the book prior to the class.
Instead of having one final exam at the end of the course, exams are written throughout the semester and presentations are given during the semester. There are usually 3 tests, at least one written paper and a presentation in one class.