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Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Change

The Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Change (MSL) program is a professionally oriented degree program. The program is designed for individuals seeking or holding management positions within organizational environments such as industrial, health care, public administration, education, and public safety.

The following courses are required:

MBA 601

Organizational Communications

MBA 602

Organizational Behavior

MBA 608

Strategic Management

MSL 680

Ethical Issues in Employment Law

MSL 681

Organizational Leadership

MSL 682 or MSL 683

Critical Thinking for Continuous Improvement or Managing a Diverse Workforce

MSL 685 or MSL 686

Human Resource Management or Human Resource Development

MSL 687

Organizational Change Management

MSL 688

Strategies for High for High Performance Organizations and Teams

MSL 689

Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

MSL 690

Applied Field Project in Organizational Leadership



The MSL is an Advanced Behavioral Science program. It focuses on developing or enhancing leadership capability, as well as developing the knowledge and skills necessary to plan for and manage change efforts within organizations. The MSL curriculum stresses the most current research and practice in advanced organizational behavior concepts, interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, group dynamics, diversity management, human resource management and development, productivity improvement, building high performance work teams and planning, implementing and managing change programs. Graduates of the MSL program will have the requisite knowledge and skills for significant advancement in their professional careers. In addition, the program prepares students for entry level or advanced level careers in Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Organizational Development and/or Organizational Consulting. The focus of the program is on developing applied skills for immediate application.