Course Descriptions

MBA 601: Organizational Communications
Oral and written forms of business communications; interpersonal and organizational communications; skills development; psychology, human relations, and ethical considerations in communications; report writing.

MBA 602: Advanced Organizational Behavior
Design and Leadership, Organizational structure and theory, work redesign, perception and attribution, learning, motivation, groups, conflict, power, influence, leadership, and decision-making. Organizational behavior within complex work organizations.

MBA 608: Business Strategy
Integration of sub-disciplines, including ethical and societal considerations; analytical procedures in business; decision-making within a case-oriented context. A capstone course in which attention is paid to clarity of thought and method, oral and written communications, and strategic planning methods.

MSL 680: Ethical Behavior and Employment Law
The study of employment law is important because of the impact it has on businesses, management, and employees. This course, Ethical Behavior and Employment Law will focus on: (1) the parameters of the relationship between employer and employee and independent contractor, (2) the procedures for selecting and testing employees, (3) the Civil Rights Act, affirmative action and the various forms of discrimination found in employment, (4) the government regulation of the workplace with regard to unions, collective bargaining, minimum and maximum wage hours, safety, health, compensation, for injuries and pension/ benefits.

MSL 681: Organizational Leadership
This course will examine current and significant issues in organizational leadership. Instruction focuses on existing theories and practical applications with emphasis given to new and emerging topics in the field. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 682: Critical Thinking for Continuous Improvement
Organizational management decision making theories and techniques. Topics presented include factors and conditions that influence decision making in the workplace, the process of rationale decision making, stimulating creativity, and total quality managment approaches. Emphasis is given to employee empowerment in the problem solving process and the development of critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 683: Managing a Diverse Workforce
This course focuses on one of the most controversial issues facing the workplace today: building a diverse workplace. It explores diversity, race and gender as well as other areas. Topics include: ageism, religious diversity, EEOC laws, family tracks vs. corporate ladder climbing, and other issues that will draw from current events in the workplace. Focus will be not only on the topic but also on possible solutions and tips for corporations to develop diversity in the workplace.

MSL 685: Human Resource Management
This course provides students with an overview of current knowledge and techniques used in managing human resources in organizations. Topics covered include: Employment Law, role of HR manager in developing job analysis, job description, job design, HR planning, recruiting, selecting, training, developing, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits, and international HR management. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 686: Human Resource Development
Techniques and practical application of training processes within the organizational context with a focus on building a learning organization. Topics may include planning, development, curriculum design, and evaluation techniques. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 687: Organizational Change Management
Theoretical and conceptual foundations for change management (OD). This course is designed to provide students with an awareness of change theories and concepts with emphasis on intervention theory, change technologies, and consulting skills. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 688: Strategies for Building High Performance Teams and Organizations
Building knowledge and skill to manage change strategies within organizations with a focus on: resolving interpersonal issues, assessing organizations, with an emphasis on building high performance organizations and teams. Prerequisite: MSL 687.

MSL 689: Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
Exploring the process, tactics and techniques of bargaining and negotiation. The course concentrates on interpersonal dynamics and the process of interpersonal and inter-group conflict resolution. Prerequisite: MBA 602 or Permission of the Program Director.

MSL 690: Applied Field Practicum in Leadership and Organizational Change
A faculty-supervised independent study offered in cooperation with the student's employer or another organization. The student or student team will be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills and to apply them to the resolution of an organizational problem or to the design, implementation, and measurement of a performance enhancing project. Students have three (3) semesters to complete this course. Prerequisites: MSL 687 and Permission of the Program Director.