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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business remains perhaps the most wide-open career field today. The job market for business graduates is expected to remain strong throughout the foreseeable future. Business Administration majors enjoy a wide range of options and much flexibility in both beginning and later employment. Banks, retail organizations, hospitals, manufacturing firms, non-profit agencies, educational institutions, and government are a few of the types of organizations seeking out qualified business graduates.

The curriculum in Business Administration is designed to develop an understanding of the major functional areas of business - accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management - as well as the techniques of analysis and the problem-solving skills necessary to serve effectively in modern society.

Required Core Courses (51 SH)

ACCT 221

Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 222

Principles of Accounting II

ACCT 421

Managerial Accounting

BUAD 321

Business Statistics

BUAD 323

Business Law I

BUAD 326


BUAD 329

Principles of Management

BUAD 408

Ethics in Business

BUAD 424

Financial Management

BUAD 430

Organizational Behavior

BUAD 523

Management of Human Resources

BUAD 550

Business Strategy

COMM 345

Business Communication

COMP 360

Microcomputer Applications

ECON 221

Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 222

Principles of Microeconomics

MATH 220

College Algebra

Electives (27 SH are required)